Sunday, October 7, 2007

So Polly Made A T-Shirt

Waitress Polly gives supporters permission embed this "remix" onto your blog, or send a url to your friends.
Hit the blue button "share" on the lower right. You'll pull up two url's.
To send it to a group on an email: Copy and paste the top url marked, "LINK."
To embed it onto your blog: Copy and paste the lower url marked,"EMBED" to a new post on your blog.

Amount raised: $296.00. Thank you so much.


KJ said...

You rock! Keep up the good work... I LOVE IT!

I am here for the first time because of your post on Alabama Kitchen Sink.

I love your spirit!!!


WaitressPolly said...

Thank you! For that, the pie's on the house. Help spread the word!

CavMom said...

I read a post at Yankee Mom's site and had to check out your work.

I love it and will be adding you to my blogroll!

Poli Stew Cafe said...

Thank you! I looked at your site.
I'll put you on the sidebar. I want to make sure I keep up with how you're doing.

Sarge Charlie said...

this is great, you do rock

Poli Stew Cafe said...

So do you Sarge! I'll put you on my sidebar.
Oh, your photo reminds me... I need to STRETCH!


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